We make daring small batches of lemonade for like minded brands

– a flavor and identity that is totally, unmistakably, unique to your brand.


For example, your Unique batch could be a fruit local

to your brand’s origin or a special flavor that captures

your brand’s essence. The possibilities are endless.. as

long as we’re willing to be daring.


Our team will co-create the idea with you and will

develop a unique identity for the drink, name, label

and imagery.



Bring some daring flavor to your brand’s event –

amaze, excite and inspire specific brand sentiment

amongst your teams and your customers alike.


So whether lemonade, Kagigori shaved-ice or

daring-cocktails, we find a flavor and taste that’s

relevant to your brand and event.


Which of your brand touchpoints, internal or external

are culinary? Your lunchtime catering, drinks fridges,

meals and snacks you provide as part of your overall

service experience are all opportunities to shape your



We identify flavors and formats meaningful to your

brand to create a daring culinary experience.


We can work with your existing partners or use our

own network of experienced chefs and catering

production companies to execute.


We Double Dare you! 

Wanna have a drink to represent your brand values?

Our Double Dare partnerships  help brands live their daring, bold and adventurous brand values.

We believe that taste is a unique and under used vehicle to inspire change and sentiment about brands.

We create meaningful brand experiences centered on gastronomy. This collaboration works by having a deep understanding of your brand promise to co-create a daring flavor and format to align the experience to.


Double Dare  




When two people dare each other to do something wild, extreme or just plain weird is called double dare.


For the last 12 months we have been Double Daring with like minded brands – partnering with companies to create weird and wonderful taste experiences.